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We are passionate about providing unique Audio & Lighting Production around Lethbridge, Calgary, & Southern Alberta.

We can taylor to what your needs are from small P.A. systems to a full outdoor festival.

Our company is based on a friendship of audio enthusiasts that make sure all our production and operators are punctual and on cue to your audio needs and equipment requirements.

We are always building our equipment environment to meet the needs of today’s high output sound and lighting systems.

Visit our office, email or just call to see what we can provide for your next event to make it successful and memorable.

 CALL OR EMAIL @                          The show must go on!

Equipment List (Jan 2018)



CONSOLES AVAILABLE - Behringer X32, Midas M32, Soundcraft K2 32 Channel, Allen & Heath Gl 2400 40 Channel

Multiple Allen & Heath 16 and 24 Channel Mixers

12 Dbx Eq’s , Dbx Gates + Compressors

Lexicon Mpx 500 Fx, Tc D2 Fx, Yamaha Spx 900 Fx,

Midas DL 32 Digital Snake

40 Channel Snakes W/ Split  24 + 16 Channel Snakes & Smaller Stage run snakes 8-12 Channel 20-50’ Long

Crown Macrotech, Xti, K2 Amps 4 Way Systems

4/ Electro-Voice Evx 180b Loaded Double 18” Subs

4/ Jbl 2242 Loaded Double 18” Bins

4/Digital Designs 9918 Double Loaded Subs 10K Watts

8/ Yamaha F-15 Tops with Jbl 2445j 2” Throat Horn & 2405 Slot Tweet + Celestion 15” Mid Woofer

8/Electro Voice Elx 115P 15” + 1.5 Horn 1k Watt Bi-Amp Floor Monitor Wedges 60} Angle or   

8/ Yorkville Em 378  12” + 2” Horn Passive Bi Amped Monitors 50} Angle

4/ Yorkville Double 15” + 2” Horns for Side Fills If Needed

Sennheiser Vocal, Guitar & Drum Mics (600 and 900 Series)

Shure Vocal, Drum & Guitar Mic Systems (Sm & Beta)

Multiple other Mic Brands (Ev, Audix, Akg) Ask us what you want to use!

All Required Patch Cables + Power Runs +Mic Stands (K&M) ect.

220 Range Distros + U-Ground Power (3 Phase Camlock) (If 3 Phase Is Needed must Request and we will get it if the venue has capability)


8’ – 12”Truss Sections + Stands 18.5’ Max Height

Chauvet Vue 1.1 built in the Truss

RGB Led Bars in Truss

1500 Watt Strobes

12/ RGBW+UV 5 Watt Led Movers

8/ Clay Paky Shapy (Chinese Version) Movers

4/ Coemar Pro Spot Movers

Martin Foggers/ Swefog Ultimate 2000 Oil Hazer (1 Channel DMX)

RGBWA +UV 18 Watt Per Lens Led Wash Lights.

575 Flood Par 64 Wash Lighting W/ Dimmers

Chauvet  Obey Controllers.

Ect Smatfade 1248 Controller.

More Lighting (Lasers, Gobo Spots Etc.)

 Your LD (Lighting Designer) can forward any questions he has.

15” – 3’ Tall 8X8 Drum Risers

Stage Decking

From 10” Up To 3’ available for venue size 4X8 Sections Wenger 3000 Decking

Stairs with Railings + Skirting ,Black Backdrops in many heights & sizes.


Dw, Yamaha, Pearl  Gibraltar, Tama Drum Hardware

Zildjan & Sabian Cymbals (Many Assorted Rides, Crashes, Hi Hats)

Gretch Catalina Kit (Sparkle Silver) – 18”Kick / 12-14” Toms

Pearl Elx Export Kit (Lacquer Red) – 20”Kick / 10-12-14” Toms

Yamaha Maple Custom Kit (Lacquer Green) 22”Kick / 10-12-14-16” Toms

Snares to choose from 10” to 14” in Many Brands

Fender Amps / Deville & Deluxe & Twin

Marshall Jcm 800-2000, Dsl

Vox Ac 30 2/12 Amplifier

Fender Bassman 15” + Horn

Ampeg Svt Classic + 8X10 Bass Cab


Panasonic 5000 + 7000 Lumens projectors (720, 1080P)

BenQ 4500 Lumens Projector

5’ 6’ 8’ Tripod Front Screens

10’ 12’ Front Screen Post & Cradle

6’X9’ & 9’X12’ Da-Lite & Draper Front and Rear Screens

Other Gear can be rented upon request!